Monday, September 8, 2014

Funny How Those Feelings Go

Those of you who know me know that I believe in connections. I’ve written a few times about connections in this blog. But I’ve never written about some of the deeper experiences I’ve had with connections. I’ve talked about it with those that I know understand. And when I discuss it with my husband he will often give me a “what have you been smoking?” look or comment. Until and unless you’ve experienced a deeper connection it is difficult to describe. But I will try.
Some of you will identify with dreaming about someone and having a feeling stick with you the rest of the day. Others have had dreams of loved ones who have passed away and it almost felt real. In fact, at times it does feel real and you might say that you had a “visit” from Grandma or Dad.
But what about the touch or presence or similar dream and the person connected to it is still alive? You know, that sense that the person is there, standing in line behind you at Disney World. That happened to me in 1993. I had another experience whereby my friend was standing next to me in the line at the cafeteria when in fact he was on the other campus. When I shared the experience with him (because he is someone who understands) he told me that those times when I felt him by my side were the times that he was probably praying for me.
Then there was the time that I was on the phone with a long-distance friend and I felt their hand touch mine across the thousands of miles.
This experience is rare and I’ve only had it a few times. Two weeks ago it happened again. I had to go into Boston for my annual oncology check-in. I’ve been to the oncology floor at BIDMC so many times since November that the trip was routine. But I have to admit, it was a bit lonely riding into Boston without my carpool companion. The receptionist greeted me with familiarity and had all my documents ready, almost without my asking. Linda and I do not keep it a secret that I was treated at the same clinic she now visits on a routine basis, so I’m sure we are talked about. I posted a “check in” commenting on how it seemed strange to be there alone.
As I sat on the examining table I felt Linda sitting beside me. And later, after I was home, Linda posted that she would have gone with me. I know she would have, had I asked. But even more than that, she was there with me before she even knew I was making the trip.
Funny how those feelings go.


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