Monday, March 16, 2015

Thank You

Thank you. Two little words. But two words that mean so much. Recently I had a fully blessed day at work. I met with colleagues regarding a project, and we are moving forward. I collaborated with a colleague on a student’s file. And I spent some time with another colleague engaged in conversation. At times I look at my colleagues and I am struck by the fact that some are friends; true friends. Others are a little bit more. They are “my people.” Friends and family. They are part of my universe.

I know that I have recounted my many blessings. I often enumerate them here. One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the gift of healing. Healing goes beyond the physical. There is emotional and psychological healing that accompanies the recovery from trauma. The item that ties this all together is our spirit. So yes, there is spiritual healing as well.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had six weeks left in my law school studies. I knew that I was supposed to be in law school, so I could not imagine why I was suddenly confronted with this enormous road block to my goal of becoming an attorney. Determined, I finished my studies on time. It was December 2007 and my contract at work also ended. I was faced with chemotherapy treatments and studying for the bar exam. I embraced the challenge.
At the end of the law school journey I passed the California bar exam in July 2008. I was faced with choices and slowly got back into the workforce. I took a job doing what I knew; college financial aid administration. During the months that followed I found that in addition to my physical healing I needed emotional healing. That is where my beloved colleagues in the Massachusetts Community College system come in. I worked at two different community colleges before landing at my third and current institution. Along the way I worked with friends, I made new friends, and I was accepted as is. When I landed at my current college I also found that I was loved. And I had been loved all along the way.
That Friday a few weeks ago I was reminded of that grace. I worked with colleagues and friends who have the same vision, passion and goals that I do. Each one of us brings a different perspective and expertise to each of the projects we work on. I am excited for the future of our institution and higher education in general. And these people let me be excited. They let me be involved. They accept me for all my quirkiness, geekiness, and ways of looking at a project (or challenge or question). They let their children climb onto my lap. They share their latest technological gadget with me, like it is Christmas morning. They are willing to talk through a challenge.
At the end of the day, all I can say is “thank you.” Thank you is all I have to give back. Yet it is a place to start.
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