Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One Year Later

It was a year ago that my friend Linda passed away. March 17, 2015. Time passes, and the grief is still there. But I don’t want this to be about grieving because it’s about joy, and the love that she brought into my life. It’s about the practical lessons that she taught me.

Over the past year, as the days and months passed I would often pause and reflect on where we were the previous year. Some memories were easier than others. At my birthday I remembered my party, and was thankful that she had been able to attend.

I missed her on her birthday in September. At Thanksgiving I reflected on the fact that our journey together began just before Thanksgiving 2013. Then came Christmas and January. I think about her when I hear Can’t Beat Kennedy on the radio. Or I walk into a 99 Restaurant®. Or when I have an oncology appointment. All of those things bring a mixture of emotions.
I can’t help but smile, while my heart feels sad. I guess that is what is meant by bitter-sweet. She taught me to love in a way that I’d never loved before. She admonished me to take care of myself, and made me promise to pay attention to changes in my body.

As the months passed and we grew closer we always said good-bye by saying “I love you.”

Me:       “I love you.”

Linda:   “I love you, too.”

Me:       “I know you do.”

Yes, Linda. I know you do.

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