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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When October Goes

October is a long month. Not just because it has 31 days. It is also a month that seems to be filled with events. The best thing to happen in October was seeing my cousins. Another good thing about October is that several childhood friends have birthdays. Thanks to social media we have reconnected and I was able to wish them “Happy Birthday” on their special day.

The end of the month brings sentimental memories of my father. He would have been 76 on October 29. Then there are the life occurrences that disrupt my routine, like doctors’ appointments and a sick cat. Of course the daylight hours are getting shorter and I love sunlight.

This year October brought both an earthquake and hurricane Sandy to our area. We were fortunate here in Massachusetts. Yes, trees came down, tides were extra high and some sections of town are still without electricity. But that is nothing compared with the mid-Atlantic. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.
As much as memories of my father and lack of sunlight make me sad, I still like October. In fact, this is my favorite Barry Manilow song:

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