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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's A God Thing

Lately I’ve been struck by the number of times that my life has been orchestrated in such a way that I am available outside of my routine at just the right moments. Back in November, my calendar was free on Tuesday and Thursday so that I could help Linda with transportation to her radiation treatments. When she started chemotherapy treatments at the end of January we thought her appointments would be on Monday, but the nurse and doctor’s schedule worked better for Thursday. And Thursday is my day off from work. Convenient?

In more recent weeks Linda had a difficult doctor’s appointment scheduled for a Monday. We didn’t know it was “difficult” at the time. However, for some reason my work schedule was different that week and I was not working on Monday. I was able to go with her and Tina to face the truth about her prognosis. This was followed by a Thursday (oh, that’s right, it’s my day off) appointment with the social worker, followed by one of two MRIs to determine the extent of the cancer progression.
And now we get to last week. I had originally put in for a day off on Friday, thinking I would go visit my mother. The need for four new tires on my vehicle changed those plans so I canceled my personal day. Thursday afternoon I received a phone call asking if I could take Linda into Boston for a treatment. It was my supervisor (yes, my boss) who suggested that I might be available since I was supposed to take the day off anyway.
As I shared this latest saga with my mother she laughed and said, “It’s a God thing.”
Yes. Yes, it is.

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