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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chapter II

I haven’t written much this year. There are several reasons; in many ways just excuses. My position at work became full time in January. This is a good thing, but getting adjusted to the schedule and finding balance are taking time. My friend Linda was dying, and I was grieving. While I have shared some of my journey, there are other posts that will go unwritten.

At one point these past months I thought of closing down this blog. I wondered if it had fulfilled its purpose and it is now time to move on. That happens with blogs and writers. Things change. It’s not a bad thing or even sad. It just is.
However, I have had a sense that there is much that is still unwritten; still unsaid.
Two weeks ago I attended the Chair Academy. The focus of the Academy is to develop leadership skills for college and university leaders. It was a week of professional development and personal reflection. One of the daily tasks during this week-long session was to write down goals that I want to achieve over the next year.
Over the next year I will work with a mentor. I will develop a curriculum and map out a plan to help me meet my professional leadership goals. While trying to articulate and compile my goals, it struck me that what I work on for professional development will also spill over into my personal development. So I will keep this blog going, and you may see some new material as I share insights into what I am learning.
Stay tuned.

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  1. I enjoy following your blog and find it interesting that I too have not written much this year
    I have been a little less inspired and a little more overwhelmed, but I have found that with all my busyness I still want to share about our farm
    I guess my journey is farm from over as is yours.

  2. We must stop and smell the flowers, and also glory in the gold of the dandelions, almost always the first flower a child picks. And what is more fun than blowing on the fluff and watching it float away.