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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rhymes of a Harried Housewife

My father wrote the following poem. I am always reminded of it on Mother’s Day. So, while this post is a bit late – Happy Mother’s Day!

     ~ William L. Boyd, Jr.

A juvenile husband
Five kids, three cats and a dog
The things my wife contends with
Leave her drifting in a fog
Clean clothes fill the hamper
Her flour bin’s full of nails
There’s dirty paintbrushes swimming
Upside down in the favorite pail

She does crayons in the dryer
Her bookcase holds a log
Once in a moment of madness
She washed an innocent frog
Morning spent freeing the washer
From fish line and used dental floss
Dirty clothes hide under the bed
What else has a mother to wash?

Today is for doing the baking
Cleaned rooms and beds all made
So here comes ‘Hus with a wicked leer
“Hey kid, you want to get laid?”
She says she’s going bananas
And no doubt but what it’s true
A cat just ate the grapefruit
And the dog upchucked in her shoe
The wife is far from lazy
And she’s certainly not a slob
But she’s home all day with nothing to do –
Maybe she needs an outside job








  1. I see where you get your literary bent! Very fun and funny!

  2. That's great! I find myself chuckling in the library.

  3. My Dad was a character. He had a certain perspective on life; sometimes funny, sometimes dark, but always from the heart.

  4. We loved him so much. And the log in the bookcase is true.