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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Song for Sunday

My friend, Melinda writes the blog Musings. Every Sunday she has a "Song for Sunday." Sometimes it is from her Church service. Sometimes it is a song that has special meaning for her. Sometimes it is a song that has been on her mind or that she really, really likes.

This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending the Joy Gathering at my mother's church. It is a fellowship time for women held the second Saturday of each month. It is for all women, regardless of the church you attend. Women from several area churches were in attendance.

The speaker this month was another friend of mine, Jodi. (Jodi writes the blog This and $2.50). At the beginning of her talk we sang two hymns. One was There's Just Something About That Name. I immediately thought, "This is a great song for Song for Sunday." So, borrowing from my friend Melinda, and being a bit late, I give you A Song for Sunday.


  1. I love that song!! It does make a great Song for Sunday. Thanks for the link, too.

  2. You know how I love that song. Tears and thanks. Love you so much.