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Thursday, July 31, 2014

35 With 15 Years of Experience

I turned 50 this past month. I told people I was having a milestone birthday. Most guessed that I was turning 40. So, if someone asked, rather than guess, I said I was 35 with 15 years of experience. For me, it was, and is, an age worth celebrating.

I had originally wanted a huge party. You know the kind: held in a ballroom with 150 of my closest friends. It didn’t work out that way, but I sure did have a wonderful birthday. I decided to make it a week-long celebration.
Due to various constraints I ended up having two parties, complete with flowers, balloons (which are still inflated) and cake. My first party was held the weekend before the actual date. It was my local party; held in my backyard and invitations sent to select friends who live in the area. Some were not able to make it due to previous commitments or vacation plans. I think we still had over 20 people there and I’m not sure my deck could have held many more.
What I loved about that party was the guest list. As I looked around at my friends I realized how much each one of them meant to me for very special reasons. Some friends I’ve known since college. One friend, my husband’s college roommate, I’ve known for 30 years. Other friends are more recent. I’ve gotten to know them within the last three years. And some, like one of my college roommates, is a reconnection after many years apart. These were the folks with whom I truly wanted to celebrate my day.
(I also realized that we had a mini college reunion because seven of us had attended the same college).
My second party was the weekend after my birthday. I went to my mother’s for the weekend so that we could celebrate together. I had made reservations at a local restaurant and invited area friends to join us. This party was an amazing collection of family and friends; complete with a reunion with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in over 30 years. When I looked around the table I was struck by the fact that I have known each person for over 30 years. I cannot explain how I felt as I visited with each of these friends and my sister took pictures. A close friend who lives in Pennsylvania commented that “God is so good” after viewing the pictures I had posted.
Yes. That is what I felt. The pure joy of seeing how truly blessed I am.

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  1. Your home party was a lot of fun. So glad we have reconnected!

  2. Thank you for sharing this special time with me. <3