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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

I wanted to write something profound about Father’s Day but find that I really have nothing to say. I did a Google search on the history of Father’s Day and found this: www.history.com/topics/fathers-day.

I suppose I could write about my own father. He passed away 16 years ago and I think about him every day. I miss him during those big events and milestone anniversaries. You know the ones. My law school graduation. The birth of his great-grandchildren. My sister’s wedding. Here’s a picture of us when I was young. 

I am always amazed at my friend’s memories of my Dad. To them he was kind, and gentle, and a good man. I guess I never really thought about how others perceived him. After all, he was just my Dad.

I could also write about my father-on-law; a faithful man of God. He is dedicated and caring and loves his rose gardens. Other than a few health issues he remains strong. I am fortunate to have him in my life. He has guided me through some difficult times and truly loves me as a daughter. I am thankful that he and my Dad were friends for the short time they knew each other.

This brings me to God, our Father. But writing about God in this way seems trivial. God is part of my everyday life. While the Bible and Church teach us to think about God in this way there is so much more to God than just fatherhood. (As a young person I delivered a sermon on “God as a Mother” one Mother’s Day, but that’s another story).

Finally, I think about my friends who are fathers. They too are faithful, and loving, and strong. I thoroughly enjoy hearing them tell stories about their children. One friend told me about falling in love with his daughter the first time he held her in his arms. What wonderful fathers and role models these men are.

So I don’t have anything to say about Father’s Day other than I am grateful for the fathers I have in my life. And to all you fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day!
And another one 20 years later on a very special day.

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