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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Hair is 4 Years Old

I was never bald until the age of 43. In fact, I had always had hair; thick, curly hair. I was born with a full head of hair and never lost it. As a kid I remember the woman who cut my hair would often thin it because she was concerned that my hair was too thick. (At this point, anyone with thin hair is going to hate me).

Growing up I wore my hair at different lengths. In the 70’s, Farrah Fawcett bangs were the trend. My hair was so thick I never could get that perfect look. Though I tried.

My hair is four years old now. I lost it in January 2008 when I underwent chemotherapy. At the time, I made a “Top 10” list of benefits to receiving chemotherapy a la David Letterman. Cancer is not funny and chemotherapy is devastating; especially to women. I never thought of myself as vain until I lost my hair. I did not realize how much pride I had in my hair. God certainly kicked me in the butt with that one!

However, laughter is the best medicine. And there are some benefits to being bald. Here they are:

1.     Cuts down on the visits to the hair salon

2.     Don’t have to buy hair products

3.     Don’t have to style my hair

4.     I can wear my Boston Red Sox cap in NYC

5.     Wearing a wig: I can try different hair styles and colors

My hair is long again. It’s very thick and very curly. Now whenever my hairbrush gets caught in one of my rat’s nest tangles my mantra is “Thank you God for thick, curly hair.”