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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

100 Years to Live

I’m 15 for a moment. I remember 15 well. It was a summer of sunshine and being in love for the first time. I think the pain of “good-bye” is what kept 15 so vivid in my memory.

I think of this song as my birthday song. I always have. It is because I plan to live to 98. I realize that’s not 100, but it is pretty close. Life’s journey doesn’t always take you where you expect. A lot of time gets caught up in living every day with very little reflection. Sometimes it takes a song to make us pause and be thankful.
At 45 I met 15 again. Yes, sometimes life gives you a second chance. But more than that, God gave me a chance to say “welcome back.” I guess that is what living is all about.

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