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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Upside Down

Have you ever noticed that as a bottle of shampoo or ketchup nears the end you just want it to get empty? Sometimes to the point of using too much just so you can throw the bottle into the recycling bin and get out a new, full bottle.

This is not true when watching a child grow up. Instead of wishing it were over and she would just be older I have savored every year of my Goddaughter’s life. Each year we celebrate her birthday. The year between 16 and 17 didn’t age her much, but she is definitely more mature. The year between birth and one saw tremendous change.

What is amazing about Katie is that she is my friend. I am her aunt and her older sister. She “gets me” in ways that others don’t. And we have a lot in common.

Her mother, whom we both love dearly.

Reading. Right now she’s into Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes at her age. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? We’ve shared To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Austen.

The Big Bang Theory, because we both have a little geek in us. (I’m going to have to introduce her to The IT Crowd). Monty Python always gives us a good laugh.

Katy Perry, because, well, we just like her lyrics.

Katie sent me a link to a video by Paloma Faith. As I listened to the lyrics I realized that she understands who I am today. My life was turned upside down when Katie was 12 but I came out the other side better, stronger and wiser. Katie shared that journey with me. She was by my side reminding me of the joy of living in today.

Katie has had her own trials, but those are her tales to tell. And this is our theme song because she and I are living upside down.

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  1. First time I ever heard this song. Interesting. You know how much I love you and Katie. Mom