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Sunday, July 29, 2012

For the Love of Coffee

I love the coffee bean
It can bring such delight
Roasted light, medium or dark
Excellent, if ground just right

Hot water poured over
The bean that is ground
Provides a quick pick-me-up
Or it can calm me down

Small, medium or large
Whether served hot or cold
Black, with cream or sweet
The flavor never gets too old

I love the coffee bean
It can bring such delight
I will drink it anytime
Morning, noon or night


  1. Is this a Heather Boyd Mores' original? You forgot about decaf. Addiction is a terrible thing when you develop an allergy. Mom, who else?

  2. Yes, it is an original. Otherwise I would have included a proper citation. And yes, I know I'm addicted. Ah, but for the love of coffee.

  3. Got a decaf skinny pumpkin spice latte on Tues. Yum. Guess who.