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Thursday, August 2, 2012


August 1, 2012 was Chick-Fil-A Day here in the United States. We were asked to take sides and either eat at the fast food restaurant or boycott the establishment. My friends on FaceBook are passionate about their position on the issue. What is the issue? Gay marriage. Or so it is purported.
Personally, I try not to post anything political or controversial on FaceBook. I have an opinion about a variety of issues. I am passionate about some things. I post about breast cancer awareness. I am a survivor. My friends know that. On August 1, my FaceBook status read “I am not going to eat any chicken today,” because I choose to remain neutral. This, of course, prompted several of my friends to ask why.
The truth is that I’m not neutral. Even the Christian Church is divided. I heard a sermon that addressed the issue of same-sex marriage. That was only one part of the sermon, but it is the one that I remember. It prompted me to go home and read the first three chapters of the Bible; Genesis 1 – 3. It was there that I learned that God established marriage between a man and a woman in the Garden of Eden before Adam sinned.
I finished law school in December 2007. One of the required courses was Constitutional Law. The U.S. Constitution has a number of amendments, one of which requires equal protection under the law. (Amendment 14). This amendment is known as one of the “slave amendments” but it has been applied to other classes of people, like women. This amendment has not been repealed.
So how do I reconcile what appears to be two disparate positions? Consider this: In 29 states here in the U.S. you can be fired from your job for being gay; no questions asked. In 75 countries around the world being gay is illegal. In nine countries the crime is punishable by death. Now if I were to substitute the word “Christian” for the word “gay” what would you think? How would you react? The issue is not about marriage. It is about equal protection under the law. More importantly, it is about equal protection under our universal moral code.


  1. You seem to confuse a "right" with a "benefit". Answer this, do you spend your weekends visiting your gay married friends in prison? Do they pay huge fines to the government for being married? Point being, they are not prevented by government from marrying, hence no "right" is suppressed.

    Do they get government benefits for their relationship? Did a majority vote to provide them? Because that's how straight married couples were awarded benefits. People proposed a bill, and voted for it.

    Some voted against it. Were those people attacked by government officials for voting against straight marriage benefits? Were they refused building permits?

    1. Thank you for your questions. As I stated, this [post] is not about marriage. It is about equal protection under the law.

  2. I believe you are a woman of devout faith that has been tried and proven true. Your claims about this situation, however, feel inconsistent.

    The position of the mayors in the much talked about cities is clearly unconstitutional. If those same mayors, or different mayors, vowed to keep homosexual business owners out of their cities, I suspect you might rightly be outraged. Equal protection under the law must certainly include a Christian man making comments about his Christian beliefs to a Christian magazine without persecution from elected officials.

    "I choose not to eat chicken today" is not a neutral statement. It is a clearly articulated position on a specific day that has targeted meaning. To claim otherwise is...inconsistent. How many days a year do you eat chicken? Do you continually keep Facebook aware of your poultry consumption?

    Whether we like it or not, the Bible is extremely clear about homosexuality. If we believe the Bible, we can lovingly choose how we live that out, but we can not alter what God's words are.

    Please do not claim to speak for me with a "universal moral code". I am a flawed, imperfect human walking out daily life as best I can while loving those God puts in my life--some homosexual and some heterosexuals, but I do not adhere to your beliefs. And, as lovingly as I can say it, I don't believe you are neutral.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I invite you to re-read this post because, based on your comments, I believe you understand the purpose of my post. As I wrote, "The truth is that I'm not neutral."

  3. I'm proud that you are not neutral.