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Sunday, February 24, 2013


My father was an artist. He painted before I was born. My mother still has several of his paintings. Growing up it was a thrill if we could get him to draw for us; usually just something simple in pen on scraps of paper. While I was in high school he wrote poetry. He became published, and even won some regional awards. My brother is an artist. He paints. And writes. My sister is an artist. She draws, paints, and creates beautiful pottery. I even have a piece. My mother is a storyteller, and a local legend for her storytelling and acting. She’s also the author of a published children’s picture book. It seems that being an artist is in my blood and DNA.

I often wondered how it was that I got left out of all this talent. My painting was limited to paint-by-numbers. I was in the high school drama club and band but it wasn’t like our school was winning any national awards for our abilities. And even if they did, I was not the one who stole the show. My best friends did; they were hysterically funny in Kiss Me Kate.
I use the word “wondered” in the past tense because as I’ve grown older I have realized that I have my own talents; my own artistic creations. I have created some beautiful counted-cross stitch pieces and I knit. Granted, both of these are similar to paint-by-number. There is a pattern with specific instructions that allow me to create. However, I also write. Sometimes in prose. See The Ice Cream Stand or Princess Julianna.

When I was in law school my study group met on-line every Saturday. There were times that we would struggle with a concept or rule statement and I would find myself reading examples from our casebook or hornbook to illustrate what we needed to learn. Eventually, I started making up stories to make the point. My classmates encouraged my examples. It was kind of fun. Plus, it is also the way I learn.
And here, on this blog, I share my story. While my story is not fiction or a fairy tale, it doesn’t have to be in order to be a storyteller. The best stories come from the heart; even fiction. If you have the time, watch this video, please do. It’s about telling your story with your whole heart.

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  1. I love story telling and acting -- both as a participant and as a watcher. I never stole the show in high school or college. Lately, I have been doing some reenacting that people seem to enjoy.

    I love your writing. I think you are very creative.

    1. Nevertheless Heather was Kate in Kiss Me Kate and her leading man was worried about being a good kisser, or so he told me. : )