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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ellen Show

My friend Jodi is the skull and cross bones mom. Her blog can be found at http://skullandcrossbonesmom.com. She once wrote a post entitled A Quick Guide to Getting Through It.... Upon reading that post I immediately thought: Ellen Degeneres.
You’re probably thinking: Ellen? No, I did not give up my faith to follow an American icon and funny woman. But I love Ellen. I loved Ellen before she became a talk show host. In fact, I was a faithful follower of her sitcom. She is to the monologue what Jennifer Saunders is to U.K. comedy. The best!
And Ellen kept me grounded. I pretty much spent the month of November 2007 at the hospital with doctors, specialists, and having tests. There were many early mornings spent in waiting rooms (before her talk show was moved to the 4 p.m. slot). I would sit and watch her show, and laugh.
Ellen is a beautiful person, and quite, sincerely generous. She didn’t know of my problems, but if she did she would have given me a big, genuine hug. You see, sharing my morning with Ellen kept my mind off the horrors of what I was facing. Also, her show meant that life outside of me continues. She still films her show. People still watch. Routine still happens. There was something, life beyond my cocoon of fear.
So, what got me through it? God. Definitely God. And friends. And the Ellen Show.

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